First post: About me

I had a clear idea of what i was going to write and then when it came down to it my mind has gone blank so i am going to start by telling you my name is James, 21 years of age and if you have read the sites name ‘Troubled anxiety’ then i guess you know what my blog is going to be mainly about, i mean don’t get me wrong i will talk about other events and my life experiences on this blog so hopefully i can give you all a good laugh, hopefully at my expense and not my grammar.

Right anyway about me, I live with two friends in a flat when i say living i mean crashing on their couch. I am a major football fan since i can remember, my team is Manchester United so i will write a couple of post’s about football i hope you football haters can tolerate me when Man-u loose. I suffer from quite severe anxiety/depression which goes back to probably my high school exams which was almost 6 years ago so anyone with anxiety can probably relate to my blog as we all know it can be shaky or even a traumatic experience for some when dealing with a panic attack, you get the hot flushes the heart race of what you would get if you ran a marathon! The strangle in your neck making it hard to breathe and last but not least not knowing if your having possible a heart attack. Who would of thought something mental related can give off such physical torture! Anyway i am going to tell you how i believe my anxiety started and why it is still with me today on another post sometime in the future. Going to end this post by saying one big FUCK YOU! to anxiety,

P.s I don’t know if this is a good idea or not but i will be telling you all how long it took me to write each post. (1hr 3min)